Here's what happy people say 'bout our products:

[b.nuts] dog tag
Jason79 P.: honestly you should be charging for this! why pay 200L for dog tags when you can get them for free? you are awesome! I love it!

[b.nuts] love medaillon
Rowan V.: Spent days shopping freebies and I think this is my favorite thing I got. ty ty for offering it!

[AnimasPrefabs] Grand Mainstore - [b.nuts]
Pippa S.: This store fit exactly what I was wanting for my business. It's cute, and simple the shadows and lightning effects are magnificent and I'm glad I found this store before I got another one. I would've been kicking myself backwards if I had and saw this one. I've been super pleased with this store since I got it. So definitely, super five stars!

Peach J.: Bought this item in game, super easy to rezz and move around, also pretty easy to modify!

ACC - Ghost Rider
CHUCKMATRIX C.: Simply amazing... The attention to detail and ease of use makes this one of my favorite bikes

roam W.: this bike is sooooooooooooooooooooooo badass!!!! great job :)

RENExDExFUCHS O.: hot bike, diddi ^^

Rolf T.: just amazing. best handling i ever experienced in sl! 5 stars *****

[AnimasPrefabs] Gigantic NES
Sylwia O.: Im a huge fan of computers :D Especially Super Mario Brothers! My friend bought me this as a gift and i soooooooooo LOVE my huge NES! It couldnt be better... perfectly build and the poses are real nice! 5*

:AM: Kart XT-XS/F1
Kayden K.: Wow, this go kart looks fantastic, its fast & fun to drive, very well made & seller was very helpful. Would recommend to everyone & so much fun racing with friends to see who's the best. Great work Diddi :-D

Kaia B.: Well I just love it. lmao I only wish I could ride it with a friend on it. But that's okay, lmao it's dangerous! Besides, I cant drive, and I don't need another death on my life. I mean... well not ANOTHER... but... I just don't... need that kind of guilt... oh man I'm rambling. xD It's an awesome product at an awesome price! Thank you for putting your hard work into it!

Tristen S.: Are you kidding nme?? one linden?? I have been after a good go kart for ages, ALL the ones I have seen not just some but ALL have been terrible looking or just soo highly priced I didn't look at it twice.. This ones not only realistic looking as the ENTIRE think is made of sculpted prims but is also $1?? I'd have paid $500+ for this especially after feeling how it drives..
this thing looks and drives sooo damn good xD it's people like you who are keeping SL alive, please keep it up ^_^

ACC - ATV-4x4/2
Ben E.: Very nice sculpts, actually. The scripting is fabulous, with adjustable turning power at your fingertips. The only downside is that when you increase/decrease turning power, it'll spam your screen. That's dwarfed by the low price, though. A very good buy.


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